Leadership Development

  • Maximize your presentation skills

  • Setting a new organizational culture with strong values and

    high integrity

  • Energize your talented managers

  • How to motivate your managers for leadership and change

  • How to lead cultural change within your organization

  • Develop objectives for personal and professional growth

  • Assess personal and organizational leadership

  • Make your high potentials real leaders

Building your International Business

• Building International Business

• Leveraging competitive advantage

• Developing market strategies

• Mitigating Political risk

• Applying the right criteria for entering or exiting countries

• Addressing the challenges of distance when expanding into new markets

• Maximizing your company’s competitive advantage on a global paying field

• Creating a Global organization
• Building Global Strategy
• Consultancy for more global business


International Negotiation

International Merger and Acquisition negotiations

• Sales negotiation training
• Practical guide for better negotiating in the

Middle East

• Improve negotiation skills

• Core elements of negotiation in emerging markets

• Competitive decision making

• Maximizing your potential for better deals

• How to become better negotiators in new world order

Developing Export Strategy

  • Global Export Strategy

  • Market penetration strategies

  • Avoiding risks in entering new markets

  • Market penetration tactics in emerging markets

  • International Pricing of products

  • Responding efficiently to local conditions in

    new markets

  • Assessing risks and opportunities in emerging markets

  • Building an International Brand

  • Export Business Consultancy